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Business Loans

A Business Loan from CFI offers the ultimate in finance flexibility, with the whole loan secured against all business assets you can use the loan for the widest possible variety of purposes, from use in your existing business to funding startup costs, or even acquiring an exising business. 


Fund your Existing Business

With a Business Loan you can fund almost anything in your business, from new equipment to a refurbishment or an updated fitout.

Start a New Business

If you're looking to start a new business a Business Loan is a great way to go. There are so many costs to keep track of in a new business and the timing of payments to different suppliers can be a challenge. A Business Loan offers the flexibility you need to make your new business ambitions a reality.

Acquire an Existing Business

Did you know you can obtain a loan against the assets of a business you're buying? A Business Loan is the perfect finance product to capitalise on a purchase opportunity. You could be the owner of your own business sooner than you think.