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Equipment Finance Solutions

Equipment Finance Solutions Business Owners Must Know!

Smart Equipment Finance Solutions are available through leading franchise finance provider CFI Finance®. The solutions we offer, allow you to acquire the commercial equipment you need for the launch or expansion of your business, without spending all your capital to purchase the assets outright. We have leasing, rental and franchise loan solutions to fund just one or two items of equipment or an entire store fit-out and refurbishments.

If you are a business owner just starting out your new business, or a successful entrepreneur expanding to your second or more locations, you can easily and quickly finance the equipment needed through us. Here’s how simple it is.

  1. Find the commercial equipment needed from a reputable supplier or shopfitter in Australia.
  2. Pick the right financing option for you, between our rental, leasing or business loan solutions.
  3. Submit your quote or invoice from the supplier, together with your application online.
  4. We will swiftly assess your application and have you approved – generally within 24 hours.

Then the assets are delivered to you so you can begin using them.

The contract is raised and emailed to you. The entire process is quick, simple and transparent with the simple to understand contract written in plain English.

Acquiring your commercial equipment in this way, allows you to retain your working capital for use towards activities that promote your business’ success, including marketing or funding the expansion of your business faster.

Get more information on 1300 659 676.

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Benefits of CFI Finance® Equipment Finance Solutions

CFI Finance® are experts in the franchise financing field and our directors have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Here are just a few other reasons why business owners are opting to finance their commercial equipment through CFI Finance®
  • Keep your capital during the start-up and expansion phases, to use on marketing and expansion instead.
  • Competitive rates on our rental, leasing and business loan solutions, as well as payments that are manageable.
  • Excellent customer service. Speak to one of our representatives anytime 24/7.
  • In most cases we don’t require any personal security.
  • Make your choice of contract terms ranging between 12 months to a 5 years.
  • Repayments can be tax deductible.
  • Quick and convenient finance. Application completed online and less than 24hour turn-around time.
  • Unrivalled convenience. Application is done online and we email you the contract, written in plain English.
  • Option to return the equipment on our rental solution.

More About Our 3 Commercial Equipment Finance Solutions

Business owners in need of new commercial equipment for their start-up or expanding franchise can obtain the capital needed through CFI Finance®. We finance entire store fit-outs or just one or two items of equipment, whatever you require.

There are 3 financing options available – rent, lease or get a business loan.

Business Loans

Business owners who prefer to own the assets from the beginning, can opt for a business loan to acquire their commercial equipment. Contract terms range from 3,4 or 5-year contract terms.

Equipment Rental

If you don’t want to be locked into a long term contract, this is the solution for you. This option allows you to change requirements. Contract terms range from 12 months to 24 months.

Equipment Leasing

If you want to own the equipment at the end of the term, this is the best option for you. The contract terms range from 3 to 5 years.


 No Matter the Business, We can Finance it

We can finance serialised as well as non-serialised assets and even custom-made equipment. If you require finance for full store refurbishments for your business in the hospitality, physical fitness, pharmaceutical or any other field, we can help. Some of the assets we’ve financed in the past include furniture for full store fit-outs, fridges, freezers, exercise equipment, display cabinets as well as point of sale systems for example.

This makes good business sense given that by financing your equipment, asset risk is minimised. It is also the best way to retain your capital to spend on hiring staff, expansion, promotion or unexpected expenses.

By buying your equipment outright, you may have to finance the maintenance and repair of the equipment later on.

This is the fastest and simplest solution to your financing requirements.

To learn more about smart equipment finance solutions, call 1300 659 676 and speak to one of our friendly, experienced Customer Service Representatives.

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