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CFI is a specialist small business lender. We

Video Media (Embedded)

Radio Spots

Check out our new series of Radio Ads scheduled to start on Nova February. These ads showcase CFI’s focus on helping small businesses that are neglected by traditional ‘one size fits all’ funding from the banks.

Designed as a connected series the ads focus on three small business owners and how talking to a real person at an independent finance company can make all the difference.

Why choose an Independent Lender?

CFI Finance plays an important role in bridging the gap between the offerings of traditional lenders like the banks and the needs of small business owners.

Small business owners have unique needs and seek lenders which can offer flexibility, transparency, access to varying loan sizes and quick turn around times. CFI Finance strives to meet these needs and focus on building long-term relationships, to support small business owners throughout the life of their business.

Non-bank lenders are seeing rapid adoption rates across Australia. While SMEs have been heavily reliant on traditional bank funding in the past, the application requirements of banks are geared towards larger organisations and are becoming unsuitable for small business. Access to non-bank finance is more readily available and is fueling the growth of Australia’s small businesses.