Poke, The Newest Disruptor In The Health Food Market

If you’re wondering what the next big food trend is, you won’t have to look far. Hospitality industry giants Uber Eats and Foodora have both called out Poke as Australia’s next obsession. Pronounced poh-kay, the dish has Hawaiian origins but incorporates a Japanese flair.

Despite poke-bowls popularity in overseas markets over the past 12 months, brands such as Poké Me and Pokéd have begun their mission to bring the dish to Australian consumers. Poke offers the benefits of a healthy meal, whilst bringing together a mix of unique flavours that makes it anything but ordinary.

Whilst the bowls usually feature tuna, they have been known to include other seafood such as octopus and salmon. The foods healthy image is sure to make it hit as Australian consumers grow more health conscious than ever. The dishes basic ingredients also make it an affordable option.

One of Australia’s largest Poke providers, Poké Me, started up in 2016 at their South Yarra location. Self described as a ‘Health Bowl Bar’ the concept aims to provide enough variety that customers can build their own bowls to suit their tastes. Since then, they have expanded to another Melbourne location and an Adelaide site, and plan on opening up 5 new stores within the year. Their big plans don’t stop there however, with goals to have a presence throughout Australia’s major cities and popular outer suburbs in 2019.

Another major player sharing similar growth goals to that of Poké Me is Pokéd. Founded in Melbourne in 2016, they wanted to share with their customers the concept that fast food can be healthy and ethical. Operating out of 8 sites across Melbourne and Sydney, the brand has a focus on sourcing fresh Australian produce and buying their fish from sustainable and certified farms. Opting for a different take on marketing the Hawaiian dish with a twist, Pokéd has built strong appeal within the millennial demographic through promoting their fresh and healthy image.

If poke isn’t available near you just yet, you can expect that to change over the next 12 months. The unique dish is sure to catch on due to its combination of healthy ingredients and visual appeal, and expected to make big waves as it cements its place in the Australian food market.

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