Why The Fitness Franchise Sector Continues To Grow

Why The Fitness Franchise Sector Continues To Grow

Australians are becoming increasingly aware of their health and wellbeing, opting to spend their money on goods and services that help improve their lifestyle. With the rising cost of health insurance, Australians are being driven to focus on their fitness as a preventative method and see it as an important step in their overall health care.

The Australian fitness industry currently has over 4,200 fitness businesses, generating annual revenues of $2.2 billion, and experiencing a growth of 5.3% each year. Fitness franchising in Australia has undergone considerable changes in the past 5 years, and will continue to expand and diversify in the future. The emergence of budget 24 hour gyms is driving an increase in fitness franchises across the country, boosting membership numbers and stimulating industry growth through their affordable and accessible offering.

The industry is experiencing a surge, and as a result related products aer seeing an increase in popularity. The advancements in wearable technology has been a contributing factor to the rise fitness based businesses. Smart watches and Fitbits deliver personalised biometric statistics directly to the wearers phone, motivating them to monitor their activity and improve their fitness. Devices with streaming capabilities allow exercise programs and educational tools to be easily accessible, consumers are able to download programs and stream videos of workouts from their devices. This has made exercise more convenient, and motivates individual to maintain and actively use their gym membership.

The rise in popularity of gyms and fitness franchises means businesses within this category are looking to gain a competitive edge, by changing the way they operate and expanding their offerings. In order to achieve this, the market is seeing more boutique and niche gyms are opening their doors.

Originating in Australia, F45 has found franchise success across the globe. With 1300 F45’s across 33 countries, they are proof of the growing success fitness franchises are experiencing. Opening a fitness franchise can be a rewarding experience, with many advantages to adopting the franchise model. Particularly within the fitness sector, the high potential profits and low barriers to entry make this an attractive option.

Franchisors are making it increasingly easier for incoming franchisees to get their business up and running. They can provide in house design, real estate assistance, marketing plans, accounting systems and simplified access to finance. Gaining access to funds is a common barrier to growth for many small businesses, franchises included. However, many franchisors within the fitness industry are eliminating these barriers by opting to gain accreditation with one or more lenders. The ability for potential new business owners to have streamlined access to finance is fuelling industry growth and allowing for the rapid expansion of many fitness franchise networks.

With innovative ideas hitting the market every day, and existing businesses investing in new technology in order to add value to their members experience we don’t expect to see Australia’s fitness industry slowing down any time soon.

Poke, The Newest Disruptor In The Health Food Market

Poke, The Newest Disruptor In The Health Food Market

If you’re wondering what the next big food trend is, you won’t have to look far. Hospitality industry giants Uber Eats and Foodora have both called out Poke as Australia’s next obsession. Pronounced poh-kay, the dish has Hawaiian origins but incorporates a Japanese flair.

Despite poke-bowls popularity in overseas markets over the past 12 months, brands such as Poké Me and Pokéd have begun their mission to bring the dish to Australian consumers. Poke offers the benefits of a healthy meal, whilst bringing together a mix of unique flavours that makes it anything but ordinary.

Whilst the bowls usually feature tuna, they have been known to include other seafood such as octopus and salmon. The foods healthy image is sure to make it hit as Australian consumers grow more health conscious than ever. The dishes basic ingredients also make it an affordable option.

One of Australia’s largest Poke providers, Poké Me, started up in 2016 at their South Yarra location. Self described as a ‘Health Bowl Bar’ the concept aims to provide enough variety that customers can build their own bowls to suit their tastes. Since then, they have expanded to another Melbourne location and an Adelaide site, and plan on opening up 5 new stores within the year. Their big plans don’t stop there however, with goals to have a presence throughout Australia’s major cities and popular outer suburbs in 2019.

Another major player sharing similar growth goals to that of Poké Me is Pokéd. Founded in Melbourne in 2016, they wanted to share with their customers the concept that fast food can be healthy and ethical. Operating out of 8 sites across Melbourne and Sydney, the brand has a focus on sourcing fresh Australian produce and buying their fish from sustainable and certified farms. Opting for a different take on marketing the Hawaiian dish with a twist, Pokéd has built strong appeal within the millennial demographic through promoting their fresh and healthy image.

If poke isn’t available near you just yet, you can expect that to change over the next 12 months. The unique dish is sure to catch on due to its combination of healthy ingredients and visual appeal, and expected to make big waves as it cements its place in the Australian food market.

Health & Wellness In The Franchise Industry

Over the years the franchise industry has seen a number of trends come and go, but one that has been on a steady growth path from its beginning is health and wellness. Business Franchise Australia states that ‘Over the next two decades, no market is likely to see better growth in Australia than preventative health and wellness services.” To no surprise the franchise industry is reflecting this, with 24/7 gyms and health-centric eateries popping up on every corner.

Influential sources ranging from social media to the Government are stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and in response business owners are adapting in order to accommodate this ever-growing consumer demand. It’s no secret that businesses who are able adopt the healthy living mantra will see great success and potential for growth in coming years, and the good news is, it’s easy to get on board.

With a wealth of new and fresh, alongside trusted and established brands, there is every opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand into the health and wellness market. Through the Cashflow It Franchise Accreditation System, accredited franchise partners have access to pre-approved funding so that they can get their franchise up and running without delay.

Experiencing great success in the health and wellness market is Cashflow It’s accredited franchise, Coco Bliss. With a simple mantra of – eat pure, nutritious and raw whole-foods, Coco Bliss embodies everything consumers love about healthy and mindful eating, and is looking for franchisees to help bring their offerings to even more consumers.

Through Cashflow It’s Franchise Accreditation System, Coco Bliss’s existing and aspiring franchisees are able to access finance to fund equipment and site fit-out through a simple application process that reduces the challenges of securing funds.

Accreditation is a powerful tool to assist in the growth of franchise networks, simplifying the process for both franchisors and franchisees. As Australia’s experts in Franchise Equipment Finance, Cashflow It offers pre-approved finance for a wide range of accredited brands.

As specialists in the franchise financing industry, Cashflow It aims to make the process as simple, fast and transparent as possible with an easy online application, quick service and easy to understand contract.