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Imagine: You completed your Due Diligence, all agreements were signed and you were given the keys to your franchise outlet. You’re now living the Australian dream and earning an income from it at the same time. Then, you receive notice that you need to complete a store refurbishment, with the costs to be paid by yourself.

Refurbishing your store is a fact of life in franchising. Whether it’s required under your franchise agreement or under the lease of your premises it typically occurs every 5 to 7 years. The stress and downtime of a store refurbishment is enough to put most franchisees off, however the end result can be a great looking store for you, your staff and your customers to enjoy, not to mention the financial benefits – whilst a new vibrant looking store can enjoy improved sales, the real harm of not refurbishing is the lower sales that old, outdated looking stores suffer. Some research suggests the opportunity cost can be between 20 – 30% of sales.

Cashflow It offers competitive, fast and unique solutions for franchisees to access the finance they need to buy equipment, fund fitouts and refurbishments and to acquire new or existing stores.

How Does Cashflow It Work?

Cashflow It can get the commercial equipment you need for your franchise, you simply find and choose the equipment you need from any Australian equipment supplier.

Apply online and you can then choose which equipment finance solution is right for you – a flexible rental, a fixed term lease or a business loan.

Rental: This is the most flexible business finance option available and provides funding for new or used equipment, fitouts, store refurbishments, custom equipment and franchise business re-sales. With a short 12 or 24 month minimum term, you have the ability to change your requirements without being locked into a long term contract and you can purchase the equipment at any time.

Lease: If you don’t need all of the flexibility of a rental solution and just want to own your equipment over a fixed term, then the lease solution may be for you. Providing funding for new or used equipment, fitouts, store refurbishments, custom equipment and franchise business re-sales, you can choose your preferred finance term from 3, 4 or 5 years and have the confidence of knowing you will own the assets at the end of the term.

Cashflow It Accredited franchise systems can offer additional benefits to their franchisees including access to pre-approved equipment finance for all current and prospective franchisees and more competitive rates across both rental and lease solutions.

Thorn Group Partnership

After launching almost two years ago Cashflow It has recently formed a new partnership with financial services company, Thorn Group Ltd.

Cashflow It still operates as an independent small business with a sole focus on the franchise sector but now with the resources and backing of a large public company.

An ASX 200 company with more than 80 years in the finance industry, Thorn Group is a leading Australian provider of financial services, meeting the needs of niche consumer and commercial markets.

Thorn Equipment Finance general manager Matt Ingram sits alongside Cashflow It founder and managing director James Scurr on the franchise funding specialist board.

Highlighting what the partnership means for the franchise market James says, “Due to the significant capital resources we now have, Cashflow It has expanded the financial solutions it can offer franchisors and franchisees.”

The partnership came about because Thorn had previously attempted to enter into franchise funding space. “Thorn Group recognised that this is our niche, and could see the relationships we have established. We have unlimited capital and can afford to do more flexible and more traditional loans and mortgages, catering for what the franchisee needs and want.”

“We can now fund franchisees for things we wouldn’t before because there was no equipment involved.” James said.

Proud of the simplicity of the funding process, James finishes, “Every week we get franchisees saying to us, ‘why are you so much easier to deal with?’ We know that it’s because we only focus on the franchise sector and we have the experience, capability and a very good understanding of franchise systems.”

Why Cashflow It?

You are four simple steps away from the business funding and equipment you need:
1. Submit an online application at;
2. Provide a quote or invoice for the equipment you need;
3. Contracts are raised and emailed to you; and
4. Your equipment supplier is paid and the goods are delivered.

Join the list of happy Cashflow It clients including franchisees from Plus Fitness, IGA and Go Sushi and experience the Cashflow It difference yourself.

This article was written for Business Franchise Magazine. Download the article here.

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