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It sounds like you need one of our Asset Finance products, either a lease or a loan (chattel mortgage).

Asset Finance couldn't be simpler. Once you're approved (and your contracts are electronically executed) we pay your chosen supplier and you pay for the goods over time....

It sounds like you need a CFI Business Loan.


CFI Business Loans offer the maximum borrowing amounts and ultimate flexibility in terms of how funds can be used...

It sounds like you need a CFI Business Loan.


CFI Business Loans offer the maximum borrowing amounts and ultimate flexibility in terms of how funds can be used...

It sounds like you need a CFI Business Boost.
With a CFI Business Boost you get fast access to cash to use for a variety of business purposes from paying bills to buying stock...

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CFI Finance – Australia’s SME Finance Specialists

As an independent financier we are faster and more flexible than your typical bank. CFI Finance provides business loans, asset finance, and working capital to support new and existing businesses. We can help you buy a business, start a new business, or expand and grow your existing business. Whatever your finance needs, talk to one of our lending specialists today and find out how CFI can help.

Apply online in just a few minutes

Have an answer in hours not weeks. Our application process is quick and easy! 

All we need is a little information about you and your business (or the business you’re planning). You can securely provide your financial information and have an answer in hours not days.

It’s time for Fast, Flexible, and Fair. It’s time for CFI.

Talk to one of our lending specialists about your requirements or you can provide information through our fast and secure online application. We can assist with both new and existing business needs and we are also specialists in the franchise industry.

Our application process is quick and easy. You just provide some information about your business (or the business that you’re looking to start or buy). You can easily upload information (such as equipment quotes, business plans, or sale documents) to save time.

With just a few clicks you can securely provide your financial and banking details for fast analysis and approval.


Once you are approved the contract documentation process is easy and funding is fast. Electronically execute your contract documents which usually happens within 24 hours.

Asset Finance

Whatever equipment you need for your business (including all the things that the banks say no to) CFI Finance can help. Choose a lease or a loan (chattel mortgage) and get the equipment you need today!

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Business Loans

A CFI Business Loan offers the ultimate flexibility in how funds are used. Whether you're buying a business, refurbishing premises, expanding, or pretty much anything else, a Business Loan from CFI could be just what you need.

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Working Capital

CFI's Business Boost offers flexible fast cash when you need it. Funds can be used as working capital to help you smooth out business expenses or to take advantage of opportunity. Stock, bills, you name it! Get your Business Boost.

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CFI are the Franchise and Accommodation Specialists!

CFI provides asset and equipment finance, business acquisition finance, startup finance and more. Whether you're looking to buy or upgrade equipment, refurbish or fitout premises, acquire or start a new business, CFI Finance can help.

Our lending specialists can assist with loans, leases, working capital and cash-flow funding. We can finance almost anything from commercial vehicles including trucks and trailers, to commercial catering and fitness  equipment.

If you're looking for fast, flexible, and fair business finance, you're looking for CFI.

CFI are Australia's Franchise Finance experts. Formerly Franchise Finance Australia, we know franchising inside out. Franchisees and Franchisors can take advantage of our advanced accreditation model, and streamlined access to funding tailored to your franchise group needs. If you're looking for finance for your new or existing franchise then you're looking for CFI! Franchise Loans and Leases are available to help start, acquire or grow your franchise business. Upgrade assets, finance required refurb's, roll-out new equipment, we can help you do it. Talk to one of our franchise lending specialists today!

CFI has a range of finance products that we've developed specifically for the Accommodation industry. We help hotels, motels and serviced appartments to fund room upgrades and refurbishments, soft furnishing and equipment, everything from fridges to playgrounds. If you're looking for loan or lease finance for your accommodation business CFI has products and services just for you. Are you a rights manager or property manager? CFI has developed finance products tailored to accommodation rights management. Want to know more? Talk to one of our lending specialists today!

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