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franchise accreditation

Set your franchise network up for growth by becoming a CFI Finance Accredited Franchise System.

Why Get Accredited?

Franchise Accreditation is a valuable asset to have in your network’s finance toolkit. Franchise Accreditation with CFI Finance ensures that existing and prospective franchisees have streamlined access to funding. This can assist with franchise recruitment and growth through new sites, scheduled refurbishments, development of multi-unit franchisees and national equipment roll outs.

The Franchise Accreditation Program

At some point every franchisor struggles with the recruitment of quality franchisees and the ability for franchisees to access the required small business finance. The two challenges are in fact related. If franchisors were able to offer some solution that assisted with accessing business finance, then they would typically be able to recruit more of the right franchisees. This is where CFI Finance can help. Becoming a CFI Finance Accredited Franchise System means you and your franchisees can access pre – approved finance as well as many other benefits. We can also assist you with national equipment roll out programs where franchisors have historically seen a much higher uptake from franchisees when a tailored offer from CFI Finance is presented. Download the CFI Finance Franchise Accreditation Brochure for further information.

Benefits of Accreditation

What's Involved In The Process?

“As an accredited franchise CFI Finanace offers a pre-approved finance solution to our new and existing Plus Fitness franchisees and as a result, have helped us expand our business nationally. There is no doubt that James, Dan and their team have helped many of the Plus Fitness franchisees start their dream to become business owners. When it comes to financing a franchise, CFI Finance highly skilled and professional team offer a simple application process and a full suite of finance products to suit our franchisees needs ranging from new start-ups to refurbishments.”
Samra Tripodi
Chief Financial Officer, Plus Fitness

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