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CFI is an independent Australian finance company. We work in close partnership with commercial finance brokers to deliver fast, flexible and fair lending solutions.

Here are just a few reasons why more Brokers are turning to CFI...

Broad Customer Appetite

CFI deals with a broad range of Australian businesses, whether established or just getting started, in brick & mortar premises or service based, CFI can help.

Range of Finance Products

CFI provides leases, asset finance loans (chattel mortgages), business acquisition funding and more. CFI can also provide competative unsecured finance for SME's.

A True Independent

CFI is not an agent and we're not just placing deals. CFI is genuine Australian lender and decision maker. That means we can look beyond the 'does it fit the box' mentality of the big banks and take the time to understand your customers' needs.

SME Specialists

CFI is an SME lending specialist. We know the challenges that small businesses face in obtaining the capital they need to grow. We're a supporter of the little guy and committed to giving small business owners a fair go.