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Franchise Business Finance and Lending

Business Finance and Business Lending for New Commercial Equipment

Many franchise business owners are turning to business finance and business lending to fund the commercial equipment needed to either start up or expand their business to a second or more locations, allowing them to retain their capital for other aspects of the business’ operation.

Choosing commercial equipment finance is a smart alternative to buying the commercial equipment that franchise businesses require.

CFI Finance®, a leader in the business equipment leasing and financing field, makes acquiring your new commercial equipment hassle-free, with a simple 4 step process –

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1. Search for the equipment you need.

Find the equipment you require from a reputable supplier in Australia.

2. Apply on our website.

Select the option that best suits you, equipment leasing, business loan or flexible rental option.

3. We Assess Your Application.

We promptly assess your application and have you approved, usually within 24 hours.

4. Your Equipment is Delivered.

We will make payment to the supplier and the assets will then be delivered to you.

Keep Your Working Capital

The obvious benefit of financing your new commercial equipment instead of buying it outright at the start is that you will be able to retain your money to use on other important aspects of running and growing your business. During this stage of a business, it’s crucial to have working capital in hand. It is also an important time to advertise and market your business. Retaining your cash will allow you to concentrate on these aspects of the business from the beginning, giving your business a better chance of success.

Business finance and business lending for your commercial equipment through CFI Finance® also allows you to minimise asset risks. you will need to fund the repair or maintenance of the equipment as the condition deteriorates with time. For certain equipment, you may need to pay for updates to software or upgrades, also requiring you to spend more money which you may need to finance. CFI Finance® can assist with finance for one piece of new equipment or the entire store fit-out of equipment. Finance is available for serialised assets and non-serialised assets for franchise businesses in the hospitality and pharmaceutical fields as well equipment for gyms, bakeries and pretty much any franchise where equipment is required.  Examples of equipment financed by us are coffee machines, blenders, fridges, mixers etc.  We also finance point of sale systems and furniture and  full store fit-outs. Call us on 1300 659 676 to find out more. Flexible or Fixed Finance Solutions There’s no need to stress about commercial equipment finance and leasing, because there are options to suit your needs. We even offer you the chance to pay out your contract and buy the equipment at any stage throughout the contract term. There is also the option of returning the equipment on our flexible rental solutions if the assets are no longer suitable. The contract terms we offer range between 1 and 5 years, with 3 solutions to choose from – rental, leasing or business loan. The leasing option offers you 3,4 or 5 year terms. The benefit of this option is that you own the equipment at the end of your contract term. The rental option ranges between 12 and 24 month terms. The benefit of this solution is that you can change requirements without being locked into a long term contract. The business loans offered by us can be paid over 3,4 or 5 years. You own the equipment from the start of the contract.
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Hassle-free Commercial Equipment Financing

The application process is easy and completed online, so it’s fast. Most applicants complete the application in about 10 minutes.

We also strive to offer you the best customer service possible, setting out our policies clearly and in plain English. Our customer service representatives are friendly and experienced so you can be assured of the best advice and service. We’re available to speak to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may not have considered having your equipment financed but now that you know it is available, whether you are starting up a new franchise business or expanding your business to include a second or more locations, you cannot ignore the advantages, including:

  • Holding on to your working capital.
  • Choice of contract terms ranging from 1 to 5 years.
  • Minimising asset risk due to depreciating assets.
  • Low weekly payments available.
  • Assistance any day of the week, 24 hours a day.
  • Quick and easy application process.
  • Turn-around time is usually 24 hours.
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