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Easy Commercial Kitchen Equipment Finance

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Financing - Quickly and Easily!

Obtaining commercial kitchen equipment finance is simple and fast through franchise financing industry leader, CFI Finance®.

If you’re starting out a new franchise business or expanding to multiple locations, financing the equipment you need is a smart option that allows you to retain your working capital to use towards other aspects of the business.

What You Need to Know About Franchise Equipment Funding

Whether you’re starting out a new restaurant, bakery or any other franchise business and require just one or two items of equipment, or are expanding and require an entire store fit-out, you can get the commercial kitchen equipment finance you need quickly and easily through us. Repayments are manageable and can be tax deductible.

In most cases we don’t require any personal security and our application process is simple and fast, beginning with an online application.

Once you’ve sourced the equipment you need and obtained an invoice or quote from the supplier to be submitted to us, you can choose the solution that best suits you. We offer rental, leasing and business loan options, with terms that range from 1 to 5 years.

Once your application is submitted, in most cases we will have you approved within 24 hours. We will email you our simple, easy to understand contract.

We will make payment to the supplier and the equipment will be delivered straight to you.

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What Types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Can You Finance Through CFI Finance?

Whether you require serialised or non-serialised equipment, even custom-made equipment, we can provide the finance you need, so that you can retain your hard earned capital to promote or fast track your business’ expansion. Equipment we finance includes commercial kitchen equipment such as freezers, fridges, mixers, display cabinets, ovens and point of sale systems etc.  We also finance equipment for other franchise businesses such as pharmacies and gyms. If you’re not sure what we can finance, speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives on 1300 659 676. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Finance Solutions Available

We offer 3 finance solutions – business loans, rental and leasing. Business loan terms range from 3 to 5 years, with this solution offering the benefit of owning the equipment from the start. There is also the rental solution with terms from 12 to 24 months minimum. This is a flexible option, allowing you to change the requirements without being locked into a long term contract. There is also an option to return the equipment. The leasing solution offers terms ranging from 3 to 5 years and the benefit of knowing the equipment is yours at the end of the contract term. Click on one of the buttons below to get a quote, or apply here for your commercial kitchen equipment finance now! For more information on other franchise equipment options including fitness equipment financing, call 1300 659 676.
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