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Gym Franchise Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental for Your Gym Franchise

Gym franchise equipment rental, leasing and business loans are available from leading Australian commercial equipment finance firm CFI Finance® through a quick and simple online application process.

The Easy Way to Fully Equip Your Fitness Franchise

Not only does this do away with the unnecessary hassle of obtaining a business loan from a bank or similar financial institutions, but it also frees up your capital, allowing you to spend money on other aspects of the business such as advertising or expanding sooner than your thought. The greatest benefit of financing gym equipment rental for franchises is the lower upfront cost. This post on explains why so many entrepreneurs are choosing to rent or lease their commercial equipment,

“When you lease capital equipment, it costs you just the first lease payment and some fees to get the equipment you need for your business. If you buy you must either pay the full cost or, if you finance, the down payment for regular financing of commercial equipment will be significantly more than the lease start-up costs. Even if you have enough money to buy the equipment, leasing allows you to hang on to that cash and keep it ready for other uses or needs in your business”


Now that you’ve decided to retain your precious capital, and lease or rent your gym equipment instead or obtain a business loan to purchase equipment, you’ll need to decide on the right finance provider. 

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Who is the Right Financer for Your Gym Equipment?

Whether you’re a start-up gym franchise or expanding to additional locations, these are the most stressful phases of any business. Finding gym equipment rental, leasing or business loans doesn’t need to add to that stress which why CFI Finance® is a smart choice. Here’s why our solutions are the best option for franchise businesses,
  • Unlike banks, we have a quick and simple application process which is completed online on our website, normally within 10 minutes.
  • Your approval usually takes just 24 hours and we email your contract to you, written in plain English. We also make payment to your supplier and the equipment is delivered to you.
  • We offer solutions ranging from 12 months to 5 years and on our rental options, terms are flexible. We also offer fixed term leasing which allows you to own your equipment at the end of the term and business loans for those that want to own their equipment from the start.
  • An added benefit is the manageable payment solutions we offer, whether you’re financing just one piece of gym equipment or an entire gym fit-out.
  • You can also choose to pay out your contract or return the equipment.
To speak to a friendly Customer Service Representative about our gym franchise equipment rentals, leasing or business loans call 1300 659 676.
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