Big Names Take On The QSR Model

Is there a trend for big name restaurants to delve into the QSR industry?

As the dining options available to Australian consumers continue to expand both in terms of food variety and service models, is Hogs Breath the first of many in the trend of big name dine-in restaurants jumping across to the quick service model?

After the successful launch of the very first Hog’s Express in Brisbane’s Myer centre late last year, the second of its kind is opening at Mandurah Forum, WA. The new fast food-esque version of the classic Australian brand is set to roll out across the country throughout the year.

Hog’s Express allows customers to get their favorite menu items but without the wait time. The Mandurah Forum location also offers a wealth of entertainment with a multimedia suite to watch the game, a PlayStation and playground for the kids. Along with the offer of ‘Kids Eat Free’ it’s hard to see why customers would go back to the more traditional table-service locations.

CEO Ross Worth speaks of the change saying “We know that consumers are increasingly busy and looking for quick, accessible and inexpensive food options, so we’re excited about the future of this model…”

Worth also notes the versatility of the new model, suggesting that it will allow the Hog’s bran04d to reach consumers in locations that were not realistic before, continuing to say they may “pop up anywhere from shopping centre and petrol stations, to airports and cinemas.’

Looking at this trend on a larger scale, the Australian restaurant industry is moving towards this new concept. Dubbed ‘fast casual’, the model allows restaurants to offer their same high quality food to consumers but in a faster no-wait service environment.

Wrap Up: FRI Field Manager Boot-camp


As a proud partner of the Franchise Relationships Institute, Cashflow It regularly attends events and workshops hosted by the company. Most recently, the team enjoyed a two day boot-camp designed for field managers, to give them the tools they need to drive positive outcomes with their franchisees.

Hosted by FRI’s Jewli Turier, the two day interactive boot camp brought together field managers from different brands and of different expertise to share their experiences and knowledge about their role in the field, whilst learning some new skills.

Kicking off with an FRI favorite, the Group Scoop, the room was able to share what they hope to gain from the experience, setting up the discussions for the coming days. Following this, the group undertook some exercises to better understand the franchise relationship through a holistic approach, and the values on which the relationship is built. We continued to discuss strategies to manage the franchisee and franchisors expectations and what the responsibilities of each party are.

Later in the day, Jewli delved into the FRI’s most successful models, The Franchisor and Franchisee Wheel of Excellence and The Franchisee Business Journey. Next we moved onto some of the attendees favorite topics of the two day boot-camp, with an in course on utilizing Solution-Focused Coaching and the DISC Model, which built the basis for the following days activities.

Day two kicked off with a group discussion on how field managers can add value to their franchisees and how to conduct effective field visits through joint preparation, process agreements and positive follow-up. Covering another important topic, Jewli encouraged field managers to be aware of the emotional state of their franchisees and how to offer the right support at different stages of their journey as a franchise owner. In addition to this, she urged field managers to take some time to manage their own vitality in order to avoid burning out in what can be a stressful role.

Wrapping up the boot camp with a series of round tables, Jewli delivered an engaging session touching on a wide range of topics that are vital to the field manager role. All attendees felt as though they gained something from the experience, and left with renewed energy to drive positive change within their franchise network.

Top EOFY Tips

As End of Financial Year (EOFY) quickly approaches, we look at 3 ways in which businesses can prepare, and 3 things consumers can do to make the most out of tax time. No matter if you’re running a business, or working for one, EOFY can be a stressful time. Here we discusses some simple things you can do to make the process as smooth as possible.

For Businesses:

Seek Expert Advice
No matter if you’ve been in the game for years or if this is your first financial year wrap-up as a business owner, it is always important to seek expert advice. If you’re ever unsure, the best choice is to consult someone who can look over your paperwork and make sure everything is compliant.

Claim Your $20,000 Asset Write-Offs
The Australian government offers an instant write-off scheme to qualified small businesses at EOFY. Any new assets purchased that are under $20,000 and installed by June 30 can be written-off instantly, and there is no limit to the number of assets. This is a great opportunity for start-ups or small businesses looking to upgrade their equipment and don’t want to wait the usual 5 years to see the return.

Get Everything In Order
Potentially our number one tip for businesses come tax time is to make sure everything is in order. Review your cash flow to ensure any big ticket items are accounted for and take some time to look at employee contracts and superannuation to make sure everything is up to date. Whilst this might seem like a minor thing, it can help avoid any major surprises come the EOFY, and also allows you to lodge your tax ASAP and realise the returns sooner.


For Consumers:

Contribute To Your Superannuation
Not only is paying a little extra into your superannuation account a great strategy to reduce the tax you pay this June, but will help set-you up in the long-term if you make it a yearly habit. Talking with your employer about salary sacrificing some of your income pre-tax can put more dollars in your pocket for retirement and reduce the income you’re taxed on. If you can’t salary sacrifice, not to worry, you can claim post-tax contributions as deductions!

Donate To Charity
If you’ve already given a little extra to your future self-through your superannuation, why not consider giving a little something to others through a charitable donation. Doing so is not only going to help a good cause but can even have a positive impact on your tax bill. Donations are often tax-deductible and can therefore help reduce your debt or grow your refund.

Make That Big Purchase You’ve Been Thinking Of
Just as you are trying to better your position come EOFY, so are business owners. Clearing out old stock has been a long-time strategy to help businesses get a better outcome during tax time and they are not the only ones who benefit. As a consumer you can score a big discount on a range of big-ticket items in the lead up to June 30. Whilst most people think this is limited to cars and white-goods, you can even get discounts on items such as holiday packages.